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The Mega Pixel Shop FAQ page

What's the Philosophy?

The basic principle is to sell advertising space by the pixel to advertisers who are seeking a cost effective means by which to drive more traffic to their website(s) from a quality source.

We offer a pricing structure that will accommodate any marketing and advertising budget. Please see the "Get Pixels" page for details.

For the purposes of improving search engine page results (SERP), Internet advertisers need to be concerned with building incoming links from varied and quality sources. We provide this service in a unique, cost effective manner. We actually provide two links to your website with every reservation, one linked to the image you provide on the main page and another highly prized text link on the "Pixel List" page. The entire process is 100% automated. Once a payment is successfully received the associated links will then become live.

This isn't an original idea, is it?

No it's not, props go out to Alex Tew and his Million Dollar Homepage for that, but remember, he utilized unoriginal, traditional means to promote his new idea. I hope to successfully use his new tool to create seed money for some of my own original ideas that I haven't been able to properly develop and promote due to the lack of funds.

Who are you?

The obligatory "Who are you?" question. We're a Team of Dynamic Web Professionals working for Indian Craze in New Delhi, INDIA.

How long will the site remain online?

Here's where I begin to differ from the original idea. The Million Dollar Homepage states that it will remain online, unchanged for at least five years. The Internet is a very dynamic medium and to allow such a creative marketing idea like this to stagnate is an opportunity lost by and for all.

Everyone who reserves our pixel space is entitled to their ad space for the period of two years from the date of reservation. After this two year period, the registered user will be given first right of refusal for renewing the ad space for another period of two years. The price for renewing the pixel space will be determined by the current supply/demand rate at that time. Should the registered user decline to renew, they will forfeit their pixel space and it will revert back to available space for others to reserve.

We believe this dynamic site will allow for a better thriving advertising opportunity. We also believe that this will inspire us in our marketing efforts beyond a set period of time.

It's in everyone's best interest, especially our own, to remain online as a viable entity for as long as possible, so yes, we're going to do everything within our power to remain online for a long, long time. We just respectfully disagree with the idea of any arbitrary time limits.

Why should I buy pixel ads?

It's a brand new marketing idea that is garnering a great deal of attention. Unlike more traditional advertising, pixel ads allow for a more diverse collection of marketing ideas from small and large businesses alike. Diversity is an essential element of any successful business venture.

In addition to the image link, a registered user who reserves our pixels will also automatically receive an additional link on the "Pixel List" page and we all know how important it is for search engine page ranking to have those inbound links.

Lastly, we believe that our affordable,pricing structure will help fuel the dynamic we hope to create.


A megapixel is defined as one million pixels. We have thousands and thousands of pixels, 999,999 (plus 1) to be exact, thus the content relevant domain name. We hope that this will help with our marketing as well.